Kathy Sturges


Kathy Bryan Sturges lives in Berkeley with her husband Steve and son Gabe. She grew up in Santa Monica where she attended St. Monica’s Catholic School from first grade through high school. She’s been interested in art since she colored in 1950s coloring books with my mother. She graduated from UCLA with a BA in English and from JFK University with an MA in Psychology. She is self- taught in . art. She has been influenced by the children’s book illustrator Garth Williams and her most distinguishing paintings have a fairy tale style. Initially she worked in oil and acrylic, but now works exclusively in water color. The painting exhibited here “Kathy and the Dragons” is painted in traditional water color framed under plexiglass to prevent fading. She has exhibited in the San Francisco Library and California Watercolor Association show.

Autumn Sunflowers

By Kathy Sturges

32 x 40”


Rinna Flohr