Carol Jones-Brown


Carol Jones Brown began her painting career in oils, but later switched to acrylics and mixed media. She has a BS degree in journalism and a teaching certificate for adult school in fine art, crafts and communications. She taught art classes at the Adobe Art Center in Castro Valley, then 30 plus years with the Hayward Adult School. She has shown in a number of galleries, and her paintings are in many collections around the world. She is a member of several active Bay Area art organizations that display her work.

Carol says, “After painting for many years, I don’t try for a particular image, such as a seascape or a floral. Now I strive to create something that is vibrant in color, fun and exciting—a surprise for me and those who view my art. Sometimes I attack my empty canvases with globs of acrylic paint in brilliant hues, dancing my brushes around the canvas for a challenging start.” Or she may add collage and interesting textures to discover a new direction. Her works are magical, stirring and exciting and Expressions Gallery is proud to present her work as part of this show.

Jumping for Joy

By Carol Jones Brown

30 x 30”


Rinna Flohr